Wish Upon a Roquefort

AUGUST 16th, 2012

So there I am, honing my huntress gatheress skills at Goodwill, a few prizes already tucked into my basket (Diane Von Furstenburg strapless black dress, a blouse from the Gap, a pair of teeny tiny wine glasses) when out pops a … character from between two aisles about twenty feet ahead of me.  When I say pop, that might convey a bit too much … vigor.  Shall we say … lurched?  Slumped?  What is a word for awkward creeping?  The kind of slow motion pause-walking your housecat does when it thinks it is being stealthy and that you wont see it walk across your stomach to get to your snack.

It was like that.

And I say character because, well, what else do you call a very thin, tanned to the point of rawhide woman in no-less-than her 50’s wearing open toed mule sandals, a tube top and underwear at 9 o’clock in the morning?  If you are wondering at the construction of that sentence, at the omission of, say, PANTS, I did not make that omission alone.  Nope, she either plum forgot to finish assembling her outfit before she left the house or she thought no one would notice that she was wearing “cheekies” style underpants as bottoms.  And things, well, things … shivered, visibly, as she … teetered along.  It was too much to see so early in the morning before one’s caffeine has kicked in.

Last night I made Julia’s roasted chicken and before I opted for the infinitely simpler cheese plate I was going to try my hand at her quenelles, perhaps tomorrow …

AUGUST 17th, 2012
So I’d better finish writing about the cast of oddities I came across on my birthday.  First there was prunella nopants, then later in the afternoon at the coffee shop the only spot left near a power strip was next to this guy, this guy who is one of those guys who makes too much eye contact with women he doesn’t know.  This is knowledge I gained after I sat down …  The kind of guy who, even if he is just asking the time, manages to make it sound like he is a peeping Tom.  In my little celebratory polka-dot dress and curly hair I must have just made this creepers day.  *shudder*
I had to go to temple, aka the organic cooperative, just to feel less skeevy.  The awesome cheese dudes at my local co-op made up for the perviness however and they loaded me up with all sorts of treats …

It was my birthday so instead of cake I chose cheese – A  calcium crystal studded cheddar, a sheep’s milk bree, and a Roquefort, complemented by an elephant head plum, an asian pear, red flame grapes, and bing cherries, set off by some light bread crisps and rounded out with a lovely Bordeaux…

Cheddar, sheep’s milk bree, Roquefort

Cheese IS love, I’ll keep saying it until people start to realize it is true …

Some cheese, fruit and Mr. Darcy put me to bed satisfied, dreaming of Stilton at Pemberley, in the library, on a chaise …


3 responses to “Wish Upon a Roquefort

  1. Humor is good early in the morning, you never know what can set you off to a moment of chuckling… yours was at GW! It made me do a *facepalm* & a shudder. Then I was salivating at the cheese plate, now I can’t get it off my mind….. Mr. Darcy that is. Lovely read. Thanx

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