Short and Sweet

Everything you never needed to know about a person who, for you, exists only in ether. I am a person, in a place, doing something. I am garrulous, irritable, affectionate, anxious, eager, dubious, giving, nurturing, vengeful, and hell’s very wrath. And I bake.

The way I look at it, blogging or tweeting or Facebooking or scritching your opinion inside an outhouse wall are all the same; we like most species, survive and thrive by communication. Unlike most animals, we figured out a long time ago how to communicate by messages too complex to be left in a urine trail, but we never lost the desire to let our piss do the talking. So, we splash comments on each others “walls” and litter cyberspace with our peeps and snipes and desirings because we are, ultimately, lonely and we miss each other as much as we fear each other.

So, here is our sanctuary, here is the Safe Place. The space to opine and blather and hope and weep. Let us be alone, together.